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Kalrissan Rottweilers, Reptiles and Amphibians

Sound Mind, Sound Body


Lottie is an adult female Collett's Black Snake. Sadly, she has not had the best care prior to her arriving here and she came in quite poor condition. She had also received unknown injuries severe enough to require surgery and sutures to her tail area. She has permanent scarring and spinal damage.

After a bit of time to adjust to good husbandry and gentle care, Lottie has responded beautifully and is the best snake to handle. She has doubled her weight and shows no signs of discomfort from her injuries. She is very gentle and calm EXCEPT at food times: then she becomes psychotic!! But as soon as she has fed, she returns to her placid nature. 

The Black Snakes have a reputation for aggressive feeders and she takes up-keeping this reputation very seriously!! It certainly hasn't helped her to have had the start that she had. She is very reliable and predictable and it is important to give all reptiles (particularly venomous ones - a reliable routine). 

Scarlet is a young Red Bellied Black

Snake and she is a great addition to our house. She's still growing but like all the Black Snakes, she loves her food!

So far, Scarlet is still getting acclimatized to light handling as it is very important not to over handle young reptiles. She will be upgraded to a larger enclosure when she grows and gains more confidence but so far, she is very well behaved and hooks calmly.

She also loves to look around and is frequently seen hanging from the glass lock in her enclosure and watching the coming and going in the house.


Tobin has had a very rough time, surviving a shovel attack out in the wild. He suffered horrific injuries where he was nearly decapitated. He had a very nasty wound running circumferentially around the base of his neck and this caused his head to swell interfering with his breathing. Due to this he suffered a hypoxic brain injury due to lack of oxygen.  His treatment was aggressive wound therapy - we had to put an antimicrobial burn cream to the site three times a day which is an extremely difficult thing to do with a highly venomous snake that has been attacked by humans. He was handled ONLY when necessary to reduce the pressure on his breathing under stress. Luckily, he was a very forgiving snake and was very quiet to deal with (we suspect he has brain damage from his ordeal as he does not react like a normal Brown - he is a very calm animal, even in the presence of tools near his head. 

After months of treatment, it became apparent that he has some difficulty shedding normally and requires assistance to get his skin off -  This is now no longer an issue as in captivity: conditions are ideal and we can manipulate the temperature and humidity in his enclosure to assist this process - something that he would not have in the wild environment.  He also  has severe banding around his neck from the scar tissue and whilst he breathes normally now, he can't eat a food item on the larger size of normal for a snake his size. He would therefore likely choke out in the wild as he does not have access to the same size food every feed. So, it was decided for his welfare, to put him under a QSMP procedure where he can legally stay in captivity as a training animal and be supported for the remainder of his life. He is a great ambassador for his species and does not react to people looking at him at events so they can get up close to him and look at him in safety. 

Tobin now is very healthy and has a large enclosure set up for his enrichment - he has logs and different boxes of substrates that he can explore and play on or in. He has different textures of rolls and loves the hardwood ones. 

He is a very calm animal and actually seems to enjoy his days out at training events. Due to his highly venomous nature, he is kept in a locked large display enclosure for the day where people can get up close in safety and have a look at him - he does not appear to mind this interaction despite everything he has been through.