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Kalrissan Rottweilers and Central Bearded Dragons

Sound Mind, Sound Body

Thor came to us in one of the worst states we've seen a turtle in for years. He was kept in terrible conditions with no access to correct lighting and heating. And to top it off he was also fed a terrible diet. The result: he has advanced metabolic bone disease and came with lesions all over his legs/ neck and feet and holes through his shell into his body cavity. We didn't even know if he was going to be a viable animal but knowing how tough turtles are: we gave him a go. 

He is now in great shape - he will always have shell deformities but his skin & shell is now healthy and he eats a natural diet. He is outside everyday in the sun & loves the turtle/ water dragon pond area. His attitude is also improving - he liked to bite when he came but he is now 'playing nicely' most of the time!

Hera is a Macleay River Turtle and was an unwanted pet. She is the most engaging little turtle and is settling in well. For now, she enjoys a heated tank but still gets to stretch her legs outside for a bit most days. This is very important for turtles as they often enjoy time out of the water to look around and explore. She will eventually join the other turtles in the pond area when she gets a bit bigger and stronger.