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Kalrissan Rottweilers, Reptiles and Amphibians

Sound Mind, Sound Body

Thor required dry-docking and could not go into water for months on arrival. His wounds were packed daily and he was on long-term antibiotics and pain relief. He was assist fed as turtles struggle to feed out of water. After 18-months of aggressive treatment, he was finally allowed into water and he went into the gig tank with Zeus. He HATED it and was trialled out in the ponds. He loved it here and this is now where he lives. He does not come in for winter as he becomes too stressed in the tank: he is a pond turtle and thrives out there.

Thor, the Murray River Turtle came to us in one of the worst states we've seen a turtle in for years. He was kept in terrible conditions with no access to correct lighting and heating. And to top it off he was also fed a terrible diet. The result: he had advanced metabolic bone disease and came with lesions all over his legs/ neck and feet and holes through his shell into his body cavity. We didn't even know if he was going to be a viable animal but knowing how tough turtles are: we gave him a go. 

He is now in great shape - he will always have shell deformities but his skin & shell is now healthy and he eats a natural diet. His attitude is also improving - he liked to bite when he came but he is now 'playing nicely' most of the time! He is not a fan of males but likes me luckily!

Hera is a Macleay River Turtle and was an unwanted pet. She is the most engaging little turtle and is settling in well. For now, she enjoys a heated tank but still gets to stretch her legs outside for a bit when I have the time to supervise her outings. This is very important for turtles as they often enjoy time out of the water to look around and explore. She also had mild Metabolic Bone Disease when she came but this has been corrected with good husbandry. She prefers to spend her time in a tank and has a custom 5-foot tank - she was offered time out in the ponds but showed signs of stress and was brought back into her tank.


Zeus is a female Eastern Long Neck Turtle who was a surrender over after her owner was suffering cancer. She did not have correct husbandry on arrival and spent her early year living on a back deck with her only access to water being a dog water bowl! 

When she arrived, we thought that she would be happier in the pond area but she became highly stressed and was set up in an 8-foot tank with double filtration and she loves it here. She gets time out to walk around and loves this too. She doesn't mind the dogs and loves Ashlan, her Water Dragon buddy. I think Ashlan thinks she's a rock and will bask on top of her!