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Kalrissan Rottweilers, Reptiles and Amphibians

Sound Mind, Sound Body

WELCOME TO THE Gecko Page. Here at Kalrissan, we keep a few different Gecko types. See below for information and pictures of these amazing animals.

Golden Tail Geckos (Strophurus taenicauda)

The Golden Tail Geckos are a small Gecko reaching 70 mm in total length. They are an arboreal species (spending their lives in trees) and love to hide on the backs of sticks or inside pieces of bark. They are arguably the most beautiful of the Geckos. They are classified as Near Threatened due to habitat loss and fragmentation. They are nocturnal, egg layers and insectivorous. 

Leaf Tail Geckos - (Saltuarius salebrosus)

Also known as the Central Queensland Leaf Tailed Gecko. They are endemic to dryer areas in Mid-Eastern and South-Central Queensland. They are arboreal and are usually found on trees in  rainforest areas. They are classified as Least Concern and are a very endearing Gecko. They have a very distinct 'leaf-like' tail, are egg layers, arboreal, insectivorous and nocturnal. 

Centrallian Prickly Knob Tail Gecko (Nephrurus asper)

These guys are endemic to the drier areas of Central Queensland and can extend to the Coast. They have a very large head and a small tail reduced in size with a small round terminal 'knob'. They generally feed on insects but may eat smaller Geckos. They are a terrestrial species and nocturnal. 

EASTERN STONE GECKOS (Diplodactylus vittatus)

These guys are very small and are sometimes referred to as 'Wood Geckos'. They are only around 6 cm long (including tails)! They live happily in smaller groups with a male and a couple of females. They are nocturnal, egg layers and insectivorous.  The little hatchling pictured right at about 6 weeks old turned out to be a boy!