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Kalrissan Rottweilers, Reptiles and Amphibians

Sound Mind, Sound Body

Eastern Water Dragons

We also own several Eastern Water Dragons. These guys are absolutely awesome but Water Dragons aren't for the faint hearted!! They are probably the highest maintenance of the dragons, being semi-aquatic!! They love their water. They are not really suited to full inside living and we are lucky to have great outdoor facilities that are safe for them. Meet the crew below. 


I LOVE my water dragons -  Whilst their wild counterparts can be very challenging to manage, I have to say that my crew are all awesome. They are very good to handle and love spending their time in their large outdoor pond area. They share this area with 2 turtles and love to hang out in the ponds or bask on the stones. Occasionally, they sit on top of the waterfall and look at the humans through the glass!! In winter though, they spend their nights inside and go back out during the day if the weather is optimum for them.

Ashlan is a very big dude weighing in at over 1300g. He is very well manner though (most of the time!!). Every now and again he has a 'Water Dragon' dummy spit & that's something to behold! He loves his time out with the girls. Unlike Beardies, Water Dragons live in a family group with a very strict pecking order. Ashlan is king but is happy to let Riley think she's the boss!


Jackson is another surrender after his front leg was bitten off by a much larger dragon and he was kept in very poor conditions before he came to me. His breeder surrendered him into care as the alternative for him was euthanasia. He was very small when he came & it was touch and go for a while as to whether he would survive. He is now thriving and very big for his age (due to his insatiable appetite - he eats anything that moves in his enclosure - including fingers!!). Hes turning into a very handsome dude.

Riley & Torah

Riley & Torah are two of the girls and they love to hang out together. They are inseparable. If you look closely, you will see that Torah (bottom) has an underbite which is due to calcium deficiency, incorrect husbandry and mild metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). The good news is that she is now here with me and I have corrected her issues (however the underbite will remain). She is now getting daily calcium and gets out in the sunshine in the big enclosure for swimming daily. There is NO excuse for MBD and it is purely ignorance and bad management. Torah will never have to suffer this again.

Zaya is another new arrival after poor care. She is a very gentle dragon and gets along with everybody! She loves her outdoor ponds to swim in but also loves to sleep in at night - she loves her comforts!! For now, she is not in any state to spend a lot of time outdoors but will get there with a bit of care.