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Kalrissan Rottweilers, Reptiles and Amphibians

Sound Mind, Sound Body


These guys are new to Kalrissan and we are enjoying them immensely. They are totally different in all aspects to the Beardies - they are a look but don't touch dragon. They are extremely highly strung and are VERY fast!!! They are absolutely delightful to watch and love to climb and dig. Lets introduce the clan: Note - they have temporary names at present as they are too young to sex, so their names may be subject to change in the near future!!!


Broyles is a lesson on why NOT to buy from a pet store. 4 days after arrival, he started walking in circles, falling over and fitting. This resulted in an emergency dash to the reptile vet and their final diagnosis was bacterial meningitis. This baby may have died, and worse, may have infected other animals in the same enclosure. Luckily, we are very observant and immediately quarantined ALL animals in the bay and after 6 weeks of treatment, all was well again. He is now doing very well and is growing very fast. There appears to be no lasting problems from the infection.

It is VERY important to QUIARANTINE ALL NEW reptiles when they are brought home REGARDLESS of their source. 

We quarantine ALL lizards for 6y months and all snakes for 12 months to ensure all of our animals are safe. 

ALL captive animals are housed separately from the wild animals and ALL equipment from each collection is also independent. All cleaning equipment is dedicated to each room as well and foods are prepared separately for each collection. 

Photo below Broyles at 4 months

Above: at 6 weeks

Above: 6 months


This little guy is very active and is starting to be quite dominant as typical of his species

below at 4 months

Photo above at 6 weeks

Above: 6 mths