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Kalrissan Rottweilers, Reptiles and Amphibians

Sound Mind, Sound Body

Bearded Dragons

If you are not challenged by something a little bit different - then you may find the following interesting!!

Here at KALRISSAN we also enjoy our Beardies. These delightful animals are very docile when handled from babies and are valued members of our household. They are however, very big time wasters - you can sit and watch them for hours!!!

We have both Central (Yellow, Orange and Red-phase) and Eastern Bearded Dragons. All have their own appeal.


Maynard came to us with his brother 'Lizbert' at the tender age of 12 weeks.

They were very tiny but both had very big personalities. So big, that at age 14 weeks they (in true dragon style) became VERY aggressive towards each other. This was when we first suspected that they were both boys!!!

 Once seperated though, peace returned to the household and for their own safety and well-being, they now live apart. Here are some shots of this crazily handsome dude!!!

Photo above and below at 12 weeks

Below at 5 months

 Maynard has just moved into his new house - the penthouse suite - & he loves it. He spends hours climbing the driftwood, sitting on his heat log & doing his kamekaze leaps at anything that moves near his house!   

Below at 16 months

LIZBERT or 'Berty-Beatle'

This cute little fellow is Lizbert.

Photo at 16 weeks

Lizbert is a delight to handle & will sit on your lap for hours. In fact, it is a major inconvienence to him if his 'warm cushion' wants to do anything else!!! He loves to watch TV, but his favourite past-time is trying to catch the endless parade of Rottweilers that walk past his tank.

Photo at 16 weeks

This is Lizbert's favourite position to watch TV!! He is a very 'chilled-out' lizard

Photo at 8 mths

 Photo below at 16 mths

Photo's below at 2.5 years


Lizbeth was the next to arrive and was a little older and had not had the care like our boys - she was very flighty and undernourished. She took a bit of work but eventually joined the boys as an education animal.

You will notice that she is a lot darker than the boys. Beardies come in many different shades from very dark grey to almost white. They also change colour depending on whether they are warm, cool, emotional etc. If you look under Lizbeth's beard, she is almost black in her first picture - this is an obvious sign that the lizard is upset or angry.

Bearded Dragons are ectothermic, which simply means that they need an outside source to warm them up!!! At our place they have a choice of heat lamps in which they bask under, a heat log (same principle) to sit on, or they go outside in their large outside enclosure to take full advantage of the sun. This enclosure was featured in the dedicated reptile magazine 'Scales and Tails' - Issue 13 - September 2010.

When they do not need any more body heat - they go a lighter colour to reflect the sun/ heat source. When cold, they are darker - a natural evolutionary strategy to absorb more heat.

In addition to warmth, Lizards also need appropriate UV lighting, important for sight, calcium absorption and their mental health. They need both UVA and UVB lighting which we provide via 2 sources: lamps for them to bask under in their inside enclosures which are timed to mimic the seasonal daylight hours and also full exposure to natural sunlight in the summer months.

Lizbeth has now had a long settling in period and has now had good nutrition & access to appropriate UV lighting. What a difference - she is very happy and easy to handle!! She now enjoys her days with Lizbert - the two are the best of mates. They bred every season for a few years.


Senya is a daughter of Lizbert & Lizbeth. She is a beautiful yellow and has mum & dad's delightful temperament. She is now old enough to spend some time outside & loves to be with mum, Kota & Amy-Lee.

Senya at 12 months


We also have two red-phase Beardies: Kota & Amy-Lee. Note that it takes a few months fo the true colouring to come out and they have both coloured up nicely.


Kota is a young male red-phase Beardie. He is colouring up nicely now and we are hoping he will be a dad soon with Lizbeth (our orange-phase female).

Below: Kota at 4 months

Above: Kota at 9 mths

Below: Kota at 12 mth

Above: Kota at 3 years with little Eastern friend 'Vella'


Amy-Lee is our female Red-Phase Beardie & she is delightful. She is another dragon that regularly joins Lizbert at our reptile training courses. She is a great ambassador for her species.

Above shots: Amy-Lee at 4 months


Elliot is a young yellow female from unrelated stock. Her mum was surrendered over to us as she was no longer wanted. A few months later she delivered 24 eggs!! Ellie & her sister Sola were kept back and have widened the genetic pool of our breeding stock. They have very nice yellow colouring and great personalities. Ellie has been buddied up with Abbi and the two of them get on nicely.

Abbi is a daughter of Beatle and Amy-Lee. She is shaping up to be a very nice Orange colour and has both mum and dad's awesome temperament. She spends her time on sunny days outside with her Frilly and Beardie friends. They all poke fun at the Blue Tongues next door!