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Kalrissan Rottweilers, Reptiles and Amphibians

Sound Mind, Sound Body


Blueys are very popular for the beginner reptile keeper as they are extremely hardy and easy to care for.  They require UVB lighting, heating and enough space to meet their terrestrial requirements. They eat a varied diet of insects, mealworms, fruit and veg. Meet the crew below.



Sophie is our female Bluey and is a very special skink. She was a siezed illegially kept reptile & came to us via QPWS for some love and care. She has a great personality and loves to go to our reptile training days as an ambassador for her species.


Parker is one of another female Bluey and also came to us as a surrendered pet in terrible condition: She was stunted and suffering mild Betabolic Bone Disease (MBD) from a 2-year stint in a very small tank with no heating or lighting. She was also fed a terrible diet of just apple & strawberries. We are pleased to report that she now eats a balanced diet and loves it!! She also has correct lighting and heating and even goes outside on good days. She's inside for the winters though as will have lasting bone damage due to the MBD.


Kenna is a big boy with a very gentle disposition. Again, another surrender on a special permit, he was illegally taken from the wild as a baby but luckily, his care was reasonable - he is an 800g lizard!! He is a great education animal and is now nearly 20 years old. We've had him for 18 years!